The Digital Skills Shift training programme programme has been designed for the New Zealand manufacturing sector to take our people on a learning journey to develop new skills and confidence to engage with these changes.


Over the duration of this programme learners will develop skills in:

  • moving into a digital environment
  • engaging and interacting with technology
  • the importance of data and how technology can support accuracy
  • digital skills specific to you and your company.

Government funding is available for those that sign up prior to 31 December 2022

Webinar - Building Digital Skills - 31st August 2022

On the 31st August 2022 Plastics New Zealand was pleased to host a webinar in conjunction with The Learning Wave (Training Services Provider) to learn more about how the NZ Manufacturing industry is tackling the digital skills gap and the impact that this can make on your business.

The webinar featured Jamie Field and John Williams from The Learning Wave, along with key insights from Glenn Wilson from Custompak on the impact that the Building Digital Skills programme has had on their business. The webinar is available for viewing below along with a number of documents on the programme.

View the Webinar here

Pt 1 Image                           Pt 2 Image

              Building Digital Skills - Part 1                                                           Building Digital Skills - Part 2


For further information or to discuss how the Building Digital Skills Programme could help your business,
please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact on 09 376 6612. 

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