Entrant: Talbot Technologies Ltd

Product: M10 Hospital Bed 



2019 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDED2019 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDEDBest Industrial Product - Highly Commended
Best Manufacturing Process & Execution - Highly Commended



Category 3 - Best Industrial Product 
Category 6 - Best Manufacturing Process & Execution

Client: Howard Wright Ltd
Tool Designer: Talbot Technologies Ltd
Tool Manufacturer: Talbot Technologies Ltd
Raw Material Supplier: TCL Hunt Ltd
Manufacturer: Talbot Technologies Ltd

The M10 Bed features new innovations to prevent patient falls, pressure injuries and cross infection.

Patient fall prevention:

  • New split safety sides provide a reliable support aid for patients getting on or off the bed.
  • Exceptional low height of 340mm allow patients to put their feet flat and securely on the floor.
  • Integrated patient controls are located on the inside of the head end safety side panels.

Pressure injury prevention:

  • The bed can automatically contour into a comfortable 30°/30°, 30° or 45° and chair position.
  • When safety sides are lowered, they are near flush with the mattress support platform.

Cross infection:

  • Surfaces in human contact are accessible, smooth and easy to clean.
  • Removeable deck panels and concealed cables.

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