Entrant: Gallagher Group Ltd

Product: Gallagher TW Series


2019 Design Awards WINNERBest Industrial Product - Winner

This weigh scale and data collector represents a further evolution in similar controllers from this manufacturer. Aside from the pleasing and practical design, the judges were especially impressed with the over moulding and enhanced design of the seals throughout the product. The parts require challenging dimensional control during manufacture to function correctly and are thus                                 excellent examples of modern injection moulding technology.

2019 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDEDBest Manufacturing Process & Execution - Highly Commended



Category 3 - Best Industrial Product
Category 6 - Best Manufacturing Process & Execution

Client: Gallagher Group Ltd
Designer: Gallagher Group Ltd/ Professor Tony Parker
Tool Designer: Gallagher Group Ltd
Tool Manufacturer: Gallagher Group Ltd
Manufacturer: Gallagher Group Ltd

Designed to perform in a tough environment for demanding users, the Gallagher TW Series Weigh Scale is a highly resolved product solution from the design team based at Massey University College of Creative Arts. It encapsulates a complex digital management tool in a rugged, yet simple product design that pushes past the boundaries of mere functionality.

Advanced EID compatible weigh scale and data collector. Simple to operate, touch screen weigh scale with the additional functionality of life data and trait recording

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