PIPA NZ aims to improve the environmental performance of plastic pipeline systems throughout their life cycle (around 100 years).  Life Cycle Assessments confirm the positive environmental performance of plastic pipe over other materials.

Technological and material developments within the industry means manufacturers are able reduce the quantities of materials and energy used their production processes without compromising quality. 


Plastic pipes are 100% recyclable and almost all scrap generated during production is able to be reground and fed back into the manufacturing process. Member companies also recycle clean waste from building and industrial sites. Given the long life expectancy of plastic pipes they currently represent a very small proportion of waste going to landfill. 

PIPA NZ’s objective is to keep uncontaminated plastic pipe out of the waste stream as it can be recycled and reused. We believe the material is simply too valuable to waste.

Environmental Impact

There has been on-going analysis of the impact on the environment and public health of some substances used in the formulation of the plastic materials used to manufacture pipes. 

Rigorous scientific review of PVC has led to formulation changes, dispelled myths and confirmed that PVC pipe products manufactured in New Zealand meet and/or exceed approved safety and environmental regulations.

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