DID YOU KNOW? Some of our Member companies are undertaking fabulous work around sustainability, taking on initiatives to try to improve the circular economy, taking responsibility for their own products and helping to remove the mountains of waste that are generated through imported products into the country every year.

Support local manufacturers and the environment, by buying NZ Made items, made from locally recycled content.

Well done IP Plastics!!

5555 Crop

🌱Here at IP Plastics NZ we are stepping up to take responsibility for the items we produce. Oversized polypropylene (PP) plastic products from households haven’t been recyclable in NZ until now.

With 333,000 tonnes of durable plastic products in NZ ending up in landfills, a significant portion could be PP. We’ve teamed up with Localised who are collecting PP items from consumers at Community Recycling Centres in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. At present, they are enhancing collection and transportation infrastructure through ‘Collection Connection’ ensuring efficient material transport to us here IP Plastics NZ. Pictured is Amanda Chapman the coordinator of this initiative.

In expanding the collection locations, we are able to grow our range of the recycled PP (rPP) products that we produce. Our efforts have already turned 1.5T of used products into 1.1T of new rPP products, that are now available for NZ consumers.

Together, we’re making strides towards a greener future. 🌱Stay tuned for more!

🔗 Learn more about Community Recycling Centres here: https://lnkd.in/gU9jHUi3