Ngahihi o te ra Bidois is “The Face of New Zealand” and is an award winning International Leadership Speaker, author, businessman, leader, husband and father. He has presented throughout the world including the New York office of Google.

Ngahi is a recipient of the National Professional Speakers Association New Zealand Speaker of the Year, Inspirational Speaker of the Year and Master of Ceremonies of the year Awards.

He also has a Marketing Business degree, a post graduate teaching diploma, a tourism qualification, a Certificate in Company Direction and a Masters in Education with honours. Ngahi has many years of Leadership experience which he brings to his presentations. His presentation is entitled “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions” and he will outline wisdom from his Maori culture and others as Modern day solutions to help you.

"If you think you don’t fit in, read about my experiences. If you think there are things you can’t achieve, read about what can be done and how it was achieved. If you are looking for mentoring or leadership guidance, let me show you how to receive that and more from the most important person in your life – yourself.”

                                                                                                                         excerpt from Ancient Wisdom Modern Solutions Authored by Ngahi Bidois