Cameron Bagrie, boasts a 20-year career in the field, having served as the Chief Economist at ANZ for over 11 years and holding positions at the National Bank, Treasury, and Statistics New Zealand. Rooted in his mainland heritage, Cameron's approach to economics is both pragmatic and unbiased.


Cameron Bagrie, who stepped down from the role he had held at New Zealand's largest bank for 11 years at the end of 2017, launched a new consultancy, Bagrie Economics.

Bagrie Economics is a premier boutique research firm dedicated to providing independent and authoritative analysis of the New Zealand economy and broader economic matters. We pride ourselves on delivering straightforward, no-spin evaluations of economic trends and data.

Recognizing that quality economic insights shouldn't be exclusive to large entities with in-house economists, we extend our expertise to various businesses and organizations. Our profound market experience, coupled with our total independence from financial institutions, ensures that our analysis serves your best interests.

Whether through direct presentations, policy assistance, proprietary indicators, road shows, or white-label research, we aim to add value and insights to both you and your clients.


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