Plastics New Zealand are proud to present this years Supreme and Gold Winners from the 2016 New Zealand Plastics Industry Design Awards, along with comments from the judges on why these entries were chosen.



Methven Aio Shower System White Handset Spray

Supreme Award Winner - Methven Limited
Methven Aurajet AIO Twin Shower System

Gold Winner - Consumer Products
Gold Winner - Injection Moulding - Conventional
Gold Winner - Toolmaking

Methven have reinvented showering with new and innovative concepts to form and control water droplets and spray. These provide a highly efficient, luxurious showering experience from a uniquely styled halo shaped showerhead.

The judging comments highlighted that this New Zealand development is based upon comprehensive market research and features considerable design originality.  A range of plastics materials have been employed to meet specific part requirements. Tooling and production are complex and have followed classic concept and prototype development processes. Commercial performance has been impressive.



Food/Beverage Gold Winner - Talbot Technologies Ltd

This product scored very highly for concept, originality and design. It is highly innovative and designed for practical use. The material selections and manufacturing elements are sound and well considered. It is a New Zealand conceived and developed product which is showing great commercial promise.




Industrial Gold Winner - Talbot Technologies Ltd
AuCom EMX 4i High Voltage Motor Controller

The design and presentation were considered well above average for an industrial application, while also including thorough consideration of significant mechanical and thermal loads. Material selections have been based upon comprehensive testing and research. The components represent mould and processing requirements which were very challenging but well executed. Original New Zealand content is significant while there has also been careful attention paid to end of life recycling and use of regrind in production.



plastics0108041Building Gold Winner - EPL
V3 Edge Seal

The concept of a single product versatile enough to solve a combination of mechanical and structural building requirements makes sense. Production of this complex co-extrusion is combined with downstream in-line activities to produce the product in a single pass. The product is completely originated in New Zealand and commercially proven.





plastics0108025Consumer Products Gold Winner - Millennium Plastics Ltd
Inverse Conditioning System

This is an innovative product with a stylish yet practical design. The product and its decoration are designed for long life with good potential for recycling at end of life, so careful consideration has been given to materials selection for the various components in the system. Tooling and production processes
                                                                                 are complex and have required some original solutions. The concept, development work, tooling and 
                                                                                 production are 100% local.


plastics0108049Extrusion Gold Winner - EPL
Foam Quad Co - Extrusion

Although this appears to be a relatively simple profile extrusion, it is in fact a sophisticated, multi-material product intended to provide a superior long life solution to seals used on sliding aluminium joinery windows and doors. Materials have been selected with care to meet a range of end use needs while ensuring their compatibility for co-extrusion. This four component co-extrusion is produced in one 
                                                                                 pass through a complex die. The product is completely New Zealand conceived, developed, and 

33. MPL EntryEnvironmental & Energy Achievement Gold Winner - Millennium Plastics Ltd
MPL Environment & Energy Achievement

This entry was considered to be a classic example of a coordinated, company-wide commitment to energy efficiency and environmental considerations. The programme has run over a long period and commenced with a comprehensive audit which flowed through to identifying objectives and action plans. Wide staff involvement has resulted from training programmes and the adoption of identified energy
                                                                                  saving targets and practices. Outcomes have been quantified in terms of both savings and CO2 emission 
                                                                                  reductions. Energy efficiency is also a key consideration for all plant and equipment purchases.

                                                                                  Environmental considerations and an ongoing reduction in environmental impacts are an established
                                                                                  part of the company’s product and process development activities.


plastics0108029Export Gold Winner - Gallagher Group Ltd 
S20 Solar Fence Energiser

This product represents further evolution in development from earlier versions and has resulted in a practical concept based upon a versatile and functional design. It is 100% conceived, designed, developed, and manufactured in New Zealand. Export sales performance over a relatively short period is extremely impressive and it is a product that will enhance the environment by eliminating the use of disposable batteries.



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