Semester 1 DDSP Processing (Part 3) of the Diploma in Design & Specification of Plastics is scheduled to run in November 2023. 


DDSP Processing

Become more effective in your technical plastics or design role. In this module develop an advanced understanding of how various polymers behave during processing and how this impacts final part quality. Learn how additives and colourants are manufactured and how these can aid or impact processing and part performance.


Objectives ……

  • Understand the impact of additives on processing.
  • Learn the basics of injection and silicon moulding, extrusion and thermoforming.
  • Understand the thermoplastics polymer melting process.
  • Explore how processing impacts polymer morphology and part performance.
  • Examine the heat transfer process for thermoplastics.
  • Explore how material mixing, dosing and drying impact processing and performance.
  • Learn how thermoset polymers are processed

Date …………… Semester 1: DDSP Processing          Thursday 18th & Friday 19th April 2024                                                     

Venue ……….… Ellerslie Event Centre, Greenlane,, Auckland

Audience …...…. This module is suitable for those in plastics design, operational, production or technical sales roles within the plastics industry or those who specify the use of plastics materials for their organisation.

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