Polypropylene (“PP”) is a highly recyclable and sought after material in Aotearoa NZ with strong value and a corresponding end market. Many manufacturers are wanting to secure more NZ recycled polypropylene (“rPP”) rather than having to import it. Today, we still have PP being sold offshore in mixed bales as well as PP being sent to landfill.


National Working Group

Plastics NZ facilitated a national working group to help create circular pathways for PP in NZ to help low emissions circular economy.

There are 8 councils around NZ that aren’t yet collecting PP. View Map



Today, in Aotearoa we have 88% of councils collecting PP, and this represents ~97% of our overall population.

Download a copy of the Full Working Group Report or a copy of the Summary Report.

 Download a copy of the Interactive Plastics Collection Map 

Do you have post commercial PP?

5 PP Commercial

Get in touch if you have sources of post-commercial PP that you’re interested in diverting from landfill.

Interested in learning more?

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Plastics NZ’s facilitation of working groups forms part of Plastics NZ’s ‘Advancing the Circular Economy for Plastics” programme, funded by the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund.