Kiwis love their weekend sport, but to make sure you’re not one of the thousands who miss out due to an injury, follow some handy hints from ACC and stay injury-free this season.   

If you’re a player, coach or anyone involved in winter sport, ACC is urging you to ‘Have a hmmm’ before you get stuck in. ACC supports people to recover from around 140,000 injuries each year from playing rugby, rugby league, netball, and football. Injuries not only mean less winter sport fun, but can also impact your family, friends, workmates and employer.    

With 90% of injuries being preventable, it makes sense to follow some simple steps that will help you continue doing what you love:  

  1. Gradually increase training intensity and contact training  
  2. Spend time working on core strength and balance  
  3. Practice sport-specific movements you will need to use in a game  
  4. Use the ACC SportSmart warm-up before training and games  
  5. Take enough time to rest and recover  

For more handy hints, check out these videos with specific tips for rugby, rugby league, netball and football.   

 ACC also has useful guides for employers for when injuries do happen – to help support injured employees to safely recover at work.   

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