Imagine arriving to audit a site for spill risks, parking on the road and stepping out your car to find the road covered in plastic resin pellets.

That’s exactly what we found at the first freight company site we audited under Operation Clean Sweep. It really shows the need for the industry to start engaging with our supply chain on this issue.

PHOTO: “I wonder if this freight company will have good practices. Hold on, what are these black dots all over the road?!”. Raw material on the road outside a freight site in Auckland.

Simon Wilkinson has started auditing freight companies under our pilot programme to extend Operation Clean Sweep to Auckland freight and 3PL companies.

So far three audits have been completed, with two companies showing excellent practices and good awareness of how to handle raw material. The third company, however, showed how spills of raw material can be mishandled and cause pollution. This is a huge risk for the reputation of the plastics industry.  The company has been given some actions to implement before they can be part of Operation Clean Sweep.

Do you use an Auckland freight or 3PL company?  We need your help to get more of these companies onboard Operation Clean Sweep. 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to talk about how we can approach them.

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