31 May

The latest news from your local branches - Auckland Branch & South Island Branch AGM & Life Membership Presentations

30 May

Competenz is currently designing new learning solutions and needs your input!

29 May

China’s three-month-old import action has stalled shipments of some recovered plastics

26 May

Plastics Industry call to recycle building offcuts

27 Apr

Your next PNZ Newsletter has arrived!! Conference 2017, New Energy Webinar Series,  H & S Corner, Joint Standards Update and more...

03 Mar

A new Auckland processing plant is turning waste silage wrap into UV-resistant plastic plywood

03 Mar

Canterbury University engineering students are confident they've invented the world's first electric and recyclable car - that is made almost entirely from plastic

08 Feb

Upskill your staff in 2017 - Take advantage of one of the courses on offer from Plastics New Zealand in 2017

08 Feb

Two recent events for Acma Industries have led to a sad start for the new year

07 Feb

2016 Kiwi marine company TruDesign wins Dame award for second consecutive year

07 Feb

Litter clean up in Auckland River - A real wake-up call! Special Offer for Members

06 Dec

An innovative recycling program Baxter Healthcare is helping hospitals across New Zealand to reduce their environmental footprint.

06 Dec

Kyoto University has, by rummaging around in piles of waste, found a plastic munching microbe. They isolated a bacteria that could live on poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET).

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