Plastics NZ promotes 'design for the environment' and engages with the plastics industry to encourage end-of-life recycling or reuse.

Industrial & Commercial Recycling is the term used to cover several recycling waste streams.


Today less than 1% of the waste produced during the manufacture of plastic articles is sent to landfill with member companies either reprocessing their waste in house or sending it to a plastic recycler.

Some plastic manufacturers have also arranged with their customers to operate a take back scheme and will reprocess clean waste returned to them. Examples include offcuts of EPS insulation materials and plastic pipe from building sites.

Waste Collection companies and Plastic Recyclers also arrange to collect and recycle clean plastic waste from a range of industrial and retail businesses. This is a win/win as it does not make sense to pay landfill costs for something that is easily recycled whether in New Zealand or overseas.

Commercial plastic film or shrink and shroud wrap makes up 60% of all recycled plastics in New Zealand. Most businesses have products delivered wrapped in plastic film. Because it is usually clean it is a great material to recycle. LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP films are those most commonly recycled.

There are many good options for recycling or re-use and many organisations that can help. However it is not always possible for a country of New Zealand's size to have the infrastructure and capability to recycle all the various plastic materials used in NZ. Consequently plastics are also collected and exported overseas for recycling.

Listed below are Members who recycle plastics and they would be keen to work with your business to 'close the loop'

Members - General Plastics Recycling
             logo 40px              Comspec        GR logo

Members - Recycling Brokers

  Aotearoa International Ltd

Members - PVC/PE Pipe Recycling
Iplex Logo COL                                   Marley CMYK Box 01

Members - EPS Recycling
     Barnes          BondorA       Expol       eps logo        Logo Hope Moulded Polystyrene w out text 
 Koolfoam       LongPanel            styrobeck logo large         

Product Stewardship Recycling Schemes

           3r group product stewardship                   agrecovery logo nz              seatsmart logo 300

Develop Waste & Recycling Programmes          Chemical & Chemical Container Recycling                                              Child Care Seat Recycling


ChemCollect – chemical collection and disposal services        

General Recycling

Other organisations who either collect plastic material and arrange for it to be exported or recycled in New Zealand include:

Astron Plastics Ltd
Waste Management Ltd
Smart Environmental Ltd 
JJ International Ltd
Reclaim Ltd

Contact us to find out more.

Plastic Identification Code

Our members voluntarily label their plastic products using an international labelling system so they are easily identified for reuse and recycling. This method of categorisation was developed in 1988 and Plastics NZ was an early adopter, introducing its own plastic identification coding system in the early 1990s. Around 97% of New Zealanders now have access to some form of community or kerbside recycling (although the collection of different plastic types varies by location). Labelling of different plastic types helps recyclers to identify and separate different plastics. It also helps consumers to do the right thing when they know what kind of plastic they are dealing with.

Download a copy of the Plastics Identification Code here