The University of Auckland Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering (Plastics)

2018 Block Course Details

The PGCertEng in Plastics is designed to provide advanced knowledge of plastics materials and processing. The programme is aimed at science and engineering graduates employed in the plastics industry, is highly industry relevant with lectures presented by industry experts.

The four courses have a strong focus on the development of commercial products and include intensive practical content. Note that only one course is held each Semester (ie. the full programme requires two years to complete).

        March 12-14: CHEMMAT 740 - Advanced Polymer Materials.

          Course Content Includes

  • Microstructure and morphology of semi-crystalline and amorphous polymers

  • Alloys, thermoplastic elastomers

  • Structure/property/processing inter-relationships for plastic materials

  • Characterisation of plastics materials, especially spectroscopic and thermal analysis

  • Mechanical testing

    July 16-20: CHEMMAT 741 - Processing of Plastics

    Course Content Includes

  • Formulation of products and mixing of materials

  • In-depth coverage of advanced processing techniques

  • Rheology of polymer melts

  • Additives, degradation processes and the prevention of degradation 

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