Plastics companies joined forces from the 6th to 10th of November to help clean up local waterways and parks. This was part of our industry commitment under Operation Clean Sweep to help protect and enhance the local environment. We have run cleanups in previous years, but this was the first since C*V*D and it was a resounding success, with 103 people participating throughout NZ.

A big thanks goes out for the work put in by the local branch organisers:

Ally Hopwood, Pharmapac

Ben Blakely, Imagin Plastics

Sam Dennis, Chemiplas

Scott Laurence, Tekplas

Mike Draper, Talbot Technologies

And a special thanks to Kevin Joe of Aotearoa NZ Made Ltd who donated a large box of clear, 100% recycled content rubbish bags for the week. Kevin is one of PNZ’s long-time recycling members, based in Palmerston North and provides an excellent plastics recycling service throughout the North Island. Thanks Kevin!


NS OCSNO OCS AOn the North Shore of Auckland, several representatives from local plastics companies came together to clean up Milford Beach and estuary on Tuesday. This clean-up found a lot of smaller items of rubbish. Plastic shells from fireworks were the most collected item of the day.

Sadly, the team also observed some patches of plastic pellets close to the mouth of the estuary, possibly coming down the river from plastics manufacturing sites in the Wairau Valley.

In the afternoon, the PNZ Offices team held their own clean-up of local streets in Airport Oaks. They quickly filled 5 bags with litter from the roadside. This was a mixture industrial waste and food and beverage packaging.


WA OCSThe biggest clean-up of the week was held at Rosebank Peninsular in West Auckland.

Plastics companies out west joined forces with other companies in the area with support from the Rosebank Business Association. On top of that, a Sea Cleaners boat joined in with 10 volunteers onboard. A total of 39 people spent two hours cleaning up walkways, reserves and the mud amongst the mangroves.

A huge pile of litter was accumulated, including a large amount of plastic cable sheath which was found dumped in a few spots in the bush.



EA OCSIt was East Auckland’s turn on Thursday morning and volunteers cleaned up along the Highbrook foreshore. Staff from plastics companies in East Tamaki and South Auckland took part and soon gathered a large pile of rubbish. The findings were a mixture of industrial waste, packaging, and post-consumer rubbish.

The most gruesome discovery was a few rubbish bags with cows’ heads inside. These weren’t touched but have been passed on to Council for investigation and disposal. Along the banks of the estuary, deposits of plastic pellets were also found.


Wkt OCSThe Waikato Branch also held their cleanup on Thursday afternoon in Beetham Park, Hamilton.

The location is near to the Waikato Stadium and has a stream running through it that connects to the Waikato River. Hamilton Council came on board and provided a skip bin for all the gathered rubbish, which was quickly filled!



Cantabrians love a Friday afternoon, so it was great to see a good turnout in Kennaway Rd for the last couple of hours of the working week. Perhaps the beers and sausages helped convince people to come along!  

The Christchurch crew spent their time cleaning up along the Heathcote River and took no time at all to fill a caged trailer with their rubbish.

A great way to finish a successful week of Clean Ups!


In total, an estimated 12 cubic meters of rubbish was pulled out of our environment across the week, estimated to weigh close to 1.5 tonnes. 

This is a fantastic effort by all.  Let’s try and make next years clean up week even bigger!  

Anyone want to organise an event in Wellington? Palmerston North? Dunedin?  Get in touch and we will help you.

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