A 20,000 water tank, which had been damaged and had a huge split in it, was dumped on the field at Kopane School early one morning in March. Recently the school children were able to see a useless old water tank given a second life thanks to the generosity of some Plastics New Zealand Members.

Kids 270Gyro Plastics recently invited the school into our factory alongside Vision Plastics NZ Ltd to show the students what the whole recycling to manufacturing process looked like and to present them with some new Sports Gear Bins made from the recycled water tank material.

Vision Plastics and Gyro Plastics came to the schools rescue in March after seeing the story posted on social media about the broken tank being dumped on the school field in the middle of the night.

Something that started off as a senseless dumb thing led to a good way for the children to see how something was taken away and given a new life.

This is a fabulous example of the Plastics Industry coming together to find solutions for littering problems in their local community.

Well done team!

 gyro Main Vplas

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