Plastics New Zealand's 75th Anniversary Conference & Industry Design Awards 16th & 17th May in Queenstown was a great sucess!  

We listened, learned, shared and innovated.........

  DSC02014        DSC02177    

 "International perspective and support from Wylie Royce appreciated - what we can all achieve together"

DSC02022       DSC02031     

                                            "Change in thinking crystallising into action"

  DSC02042       DSC02079       

                      "New relevant speakers and great focus on the circular economy"

  DSC02081        DSC02115

                   "Some great ideas, plans, projects underway. Lots of positive content!"

 DSC02089        DSC02177                     

                               "Dr Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl) was Awesome"

DSC02130       DSC02140

"Thanks for organising a great conference. Personally, I really enjoyed listening to the keynote speakers and the parts on
operation clean sweep, product lifecycles and changing the publics impression of plastics"

We laughed, worked together and said goodbye......

 20190517 141824      DSC02069

                          "Enjoyed the whole event - Presentations fun, informative and engaging" 

      20190517 141914         DSC02175 

"Happy retirement Ken - well deserved after so long serving the industry. We'll see you at some local events still I'm sure"

 We celebrated success and innovation.......

 DSC02126 B     plastics17050097

"John, Well deserved Life Membership, Its evident the time, effort and passion you have put into the industry"

plastics17050108     plastics17050111   plastics17050114     

  "Well deserved Baekeland Award presentation. Above and beyond for the good of the Industry - Congratulations Dennise"

plastics17050166Main       plastics17050170Inner

 "The supreme winner for the 2019 Awards results from bringing together a range of classic product development considerations: attractive and versatile design which was well researched and future-proofed; a range of carefully selected materials; appropriate manufacturing technologies; high quality; complex precision tooling; good commercial and export potential; all based largely on New Zealand input"

 We built friendships, networked and had fun......

 20190516 205458       20190516 210551    

                                                            "Yee - Ha! Great Night"

 plastics17050070       plastics17050019      

               "Thanks for a great conference Auckland Branch - You clean up well"

 plastics17050182       plastics17050028

                        "Social activities, great networking opportunities and lots of fun"

plastics17050030         plastics17050038


plastics17050045        plastics17050204


plastics17050178       plastics17050046


  plastics17050190        plastics17050197

"Thanks for a wonderful Conference, All the speakers were great - especially Nano girl and Royce,
the venue was very convenient and the evening entertainment was perfect."

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