PNZ Branches recently joined in with KNZB week removing more than 1.2 tonnes of rubbish from our waterways. Branches had fantastic turnouts and the amount of rubbish collected is something to be proud of.


Waikato Branch - Tuesday 12th September 12-3pm
Ten people from Waikato plastics companies ran a litter clean-up in a gully alongside Porritt Stadium in the suburb of Chartwell. The gully is the headwaters of the Kirikiriroa Stream that flows into the Waikato River.
The team put in a huge effort over the three hours and dragged out two ute-loads of rubbish, weighing an estimated 200kg. 

As well as the usual rubbish, some notable items were found, including:

  • A microwave

  • A couple of computers

  • A TV

  • A few shopping trolleys

  • A mattress

  • Some car tyres

A huge thank you to all who attended, but particular thanks to Scott Laurence of Gallagher Group for coordinating the event.


Auckland Branch - Thursday 14th September 2-5pm

The Auckland Branch had 40 people attend their clean-up in the Highbrook Reserve that runs alongside the Tamaki Estuary. This great turnout included almost 30 staff from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. After a health & safety briefing everyone split up into groups and scoured the reserve for rubbish.  As the tide receded groups started to venture into the mangroves and along the foreshore.

Over the 3-hour clean-up, 55 rubbish bags and 9 recycling bags were filled, totalling 260kg. The majority of litter was lightweight wind-blown or floating material, but there also a few bulky items found, and a few “interesting“ items such as: 

  • A laptop

  • A spacehopper

  • A 50” CRT TV

  • A pregnancy test kit (used)

  • Drug paraphernalia

  • 1 Sri Ganesh Hindu god statue (swiftly followed by the same volunteer finding a $20 note!)

  • 1 Shani Hindu god statue

  • A kettle

  • Half a dozen car tyres

  • Two kids trikes

The winners of the most unusual find on the day went to the finder of the laptop and the Shani Hindu god statue (the other statue had already won the finder $20!).

Some volunteers stayed to help load the van and enjoy a well-deserved cold drink or two.

Particular thanks go to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare for the use of their transit van, and for helping to dispose of the collected rubbish.


South Island Branch - Friday 15th September 9.30am-12pm

South Island Branch met at EPL in Woolston to clean up along the banks of the Heathcote River in Christchurch. The thirty people that turned up got fired up as soon as they heard how much rubbish had been pulled out by the Auckland and Hamilton Branches.  Some good Cantabrian competitiveness kicked in and they set out to beat the North Islanders.

And beat it they did!!  Over the three-hour clean-up the South Island team filled a trailer up with all sorts of rubbish. The official weight at the weighbridge came to 760kg, smashing the combined total of the North Islanders.  

There was some discussion about whether this achievement was something to be proud of, but the volunteers have to be congratulated on putting in a huge effort to improve their waterway by pulling out all that junk.

Some of the unusual items found were: 

  • A couple of laptops

  • A bag of jewellery

  • A car chassis (uncollected)

  • A dead rat

  • A dead ferret

  • A toilet, complete with cistern

  • An obligatory road cone

  • A rugby tackle bag (surely the most Cantabrian piece of litter possible!)

Volunteers were rewarded with a drink and a couple of sausages on the BBQ (after washing their hands!). Many thanks to EPL for hosting the clean-up and BBQ on their premises.