On August 2nd 2017, Flight Plastics opened it's new state of the art PET Recycling Plant.
New Zealand's PET bottles and containers can now be recycled for use in Flight's food-grade packaging.


In an opening ceremony attended by both the Minister, and Associate Minister, for the Environment, Flight plastics proudly took their guests through a several year journey to develop a fully integrated process which can now take consumer PET waste.

PET PlantPart of a $12m, five year investment plan started in 2012 to research and introduce the latest extrusion and thermoforming capability and capacity, Flight began manufacturing imported RPET in 2014. Co-funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund of $4 Million, for the final stage (this PET wash plant), was completed in 2017. This wash plant means Flight now has a fully integrated system and no longer needs imported RPET and can buy bales of New Zealand PET from local recyclers, put them through the wash plant, produce RPET sheet and use this to make RPET food trays - all in one place.

Flight's new wash plant has the capacity to take all clear PETR collected in NZ (which has previously been baled and exported) and can increase capacity as Kiwis recycle more. We have a ready supply of PET waste from kerbside - every tonne of RPET produced will be a tonne of imported virgin PET that is no longer required.

For further information please see Flight Plastics Press Release or you can view an interview that Seven Sharp ran on the opening.

The Waste Minimisation Fund provides financial support to projects that reduce environmental harm and provide social, economic and cultural benefits. It is funded from a levy introduced by the National-led Government in 2009, which is charged on waste disposed of at landfills to discourage waste and to fund recycling initiatives. More than $80 million has been awarded to more than 130 projects to date.

If you are interested in looking at potential projects for new technologies within your business please contact Simon Wilkinson, PNZ Environmental Projects manager to discuss on 021 994 992 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..