About Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep® is an international program designed to prevent resin pellet, flake, and powder loss and help keep this material out of the marine environment.

Every segment of the plastics industry has a role to play—including resin producers, transporters, recyclers and plastics processors—by implementing good housekeeping and pellet, flake, and powder containment practices.

Operation Clean Sweep has been adopted by plastics industries in more than 23 countries around the world.

The goal: achieving zero pellet, flake, and powder loss.


Operation Clean Sweep in New Zealand

Members of Plastics New Zealand do not want to see plastics of any kind in the marine environment. That’s why we are promoting Operation Clean Sweep to all plastics handling sites – material suppliers, manufacturers, and recyclers alike.

We encourage all parts of the industry to put in place practices to keep plastics out of the marine environment.

Plastics New Zealand is taking a proactive approach to helping member companies adopt best practices under this international programme.

To date 59 Plastics New Zealand member company sites have been audited and have adopted best practices to ensure they keep their plastics out of the marine environment.


The following Plastics NZ member sites have adopted best practices under Operation Clean Sweep and have committed to the ongoing protection of our waterways from accidental spillages on their sites.

Hope Moulded Polystyrene Ltd, Nelson                                                                          Custom-Pak Plastic Products Ltd, Auckland

Sullivan Packaging Ltd, Christchurch                                                                              Expol Ltd, Rolleston

Progressive Plastics Ltd , Dunedin                                                                                    Kaipak Ltd, Christchurch

Clariant NZ Ltd, Mt Wellington, Auckland                                                                      Clariant NZ Ltd, Rosedale, Auckland

Medical Plastics Ltd , Auckland                                                                                          Pharmapac Ltd, Auckland

Dynex Extrusions Ltd, Auckland                                                                                        Uniplas Ltd, Wellington

Comspec Ltd, Christchurch                                                                                                Bonson Industrial Ltd, Auckland

Asmuss Plastic Systems Ltd, Hamilton                                                                          Chemiplas NZ Ltd, Auckland

Flight Plastics Ltd, Wellington                                                                                          Budget Plastics Ltd, Palmerston North

Axiam Plastics Ltd, Wanganui                                                                                           Elastomer Products Ltd, Christchurch

Talbot Technologies Ltd, Christchurch                                                                         Waters & Farr Ltd, Rangiora

Linkplas Ltd, Auckland                                                                                                        Millennium Plastics Ltd, Hamilton

Profile Polymers Ltd, Hamilton                                                                                        Gallagher Group Ltd, Hamilton

Marley New Zealand Ltd, Auckland                                                                                 Chemvin Plastics Ltd, Auckland

Expol Ltd, Auckland                                                                                                               Lane Plastics Ltd, Auckland

Scion, Rotorua                                                                                                                         Morrow Industries Ltd/Simaplas Ltd, Auckland

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd, Auckland
                                                                    Proform Plastics Ltd, Hamilton

Bondor NZ Ltd - Christchurch
                                                                                            Leda Extrusions Ltd, Wellington

Koves Plastic Industries Ltd, Auckland
                                                                          Plus Pac Packaging Ltd, Auckland

IML Plastics Limited                                                                                                               ES Plastics Ltd 

RX Plastics Ltd - Hamilton                                                                                                  RX Plastics Ltd - Ashburton

Action Plastics Ltd, Christchurch                                                                                      Long Plastics Ltd, Christchurch

What you can do?


We encourage you to participate in Operation Clean Sweep. As a member we will provide you with a free audit of your site and a report with recommendations for improvement. Contact us to register.


We would like to see the entire plastics industry in New Zealand adopt the standards of Operation Clean Sweep. If you are a plastics company and not a member, we implore you to join us on this journey. If you want to remain a non-member we can still offer you a low cost audit from our in-house experts.




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